Master of Environmental Studies

Faculty and Staff, Graduate Program on the Environment

Seminar II Building2013-2014 Director

2013-2014 Staff

2013-2014 Faculty

Core Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

  • Richard Bigley, Washington Department of Natural Resources
  • Sarah Hamman, South Puget Sound Prairies Program, Center for Natural Lands Management
  • Alan Hardcastle, Washington State University Extension Energy Program
  • Jean MacGregor, Curriculum for the Bioregion, The Evergreen State College
  • Paul Pickett, Washington Department of Ecology
  • Tim Quinn, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
  • Gregory Stewart, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission
  • Anthony Usibelli, Energy Policy Division, Washington State Office of Trade and Economic Development

2014-2015 Director

Kevin Francis

2014-2015 Staff

2014-2015 Faculty

Core Faculty

  • Kevin Francis, History of Science and Technology
  • Erin Martin, Chemical Oceanography, Biogeochemistry, Freshwater Ecology
  • Dina Roberts, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Management
  • Kathleen Saul, Energy Policy

Please also check our research page for a list of faculty-led research.