Master of Environmental Studies

MES Faculty and Staff

Seminar II Building

MES Director and Staff

Kevin Francis - Director

Gail Wootan - Assistant Director

Anna Rhoads - Recruitment Assistant

Ryan Hobbs - Communications Assistant

Joshua Christy, Danae Presler, and Yonit Yogev - MES Ambassadors

NOTE: All core faculty are available to advise first year students. MES will match you to an advisor or "reader" in your second year when your thesis is written (unlike other institutions, where students are required to find a thesis supervisor prior to attending). Readers are chosen from the core faculty.

2016-17 Faculty

Core Faculty

Kevin Francis, history of science and technology
Erin Martin, chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry, freshwater ecology
Miranda Mellis, fiction, nonfiction, contemporary literature
Kathleen Saul, energy policy
Ted Whitesell, geography, environmental studies
John Withey, wildlife biology, landscape ecology, urban ecology, research design, statistical analysis

Adjunct Faculty

Richard Bigley, Washington Department of Natural Resources
Sarah Hamman, South Puget Sound Prairies Program, Center for Natural Lands Management
Jean MacGregor, Curriculum for the Bioregion Project, Washington Center for Improving the Quality of Undergraduate Education
Paul Pickett, Washington Department of Ecology
Tim Quinn, Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
Mike Ruth, Consultant/Program Manager, Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.)