Master of Environmental Studies

MES Candidacy

Students in the Field

To earn a degree, a student must first advance to candidacy.
Candidacy is decided at the completion of the first two quarters of the core sequence. Faculty teaching in the first-year core sequence of the MES program will meet to review each student's entire record and recommend to the director which students will be advanced to candidacy.

Advancement to MES candidacy is based in part on demonstration by the student that she or he can design and execute a scholarly research paper and effectively communicate research results in an oral presentation.
To provide the candidacy committee with positive evidence, each student will be required to execute such a project as part of the course work in the winter quarter of the core program. The written research paper must be analytical (not simply descriptive), well organized, present a thesis and supporting evidence, and demonstrate appropriate use of bibliographic resources. Both written and oral presentations must be in an appropriate scholarly form. The overall strength of the student's academic performance to date will also be considered in the candidacy decision.