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Jessica's Crappy Summer with Foxes at Mt. Rainier National Park


This past summer I had the opportunity to begin my thesis research at Mount Rainier National Park (MORA) by collecting Cascade red fox and coyote scat samples. My thesis project is looking at the prevalence of endoparasites and viruses within these wild canid species to help aid future conservation measures for the rare Cascade red fox. Scat samples were mostly collected by a team of wildlife surveyors working under my advisor and thesis reader, Tara Chestnut (MORA wildlife ecologist).

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MES Hoodies

The MES student club, the Master of Environmental Studies Association has created MES hoodies and a beanie to help support students in the program

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Reflections on Built Green Conference


On Thursday, September 14th, I attended the Built Green conference at the University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia College’s shared campus. Built Green is a building certification program in Washington state promoting more sustainable development between the built environment and surrounding ecosystems. This event brought together people from construction fields, financing organizations, real estate agencies, public utilities, construction materials companies, and current/potential public servants.

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Bees, Maps, and iPads: Interning with The City of Olympia’s Parks, Arts, and Recreation


What started out as a desperate hunt for thesis topic ideas ended in an amazing internship with the City of Olympia. I started the thesis process the spring quarter of my 1st year in the program and had decided on an ambitious lab project. After diving into the mini-prospectus and taking multiple lab trainings, I discovered resource constraints that I realized would not allow me to finish my thesis on time. Instead, I decided that I really wanted to work with another agency and reached out to my elective faculty for Disease Ecology and GIS. I started a project at Mt.

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Cities Alive Conference, Fall 2017


Between September 18th – 20th I attended the Cities Alive conference in Seattle presented by the organization Green Roofs for Healthy Cities. This national conference provided in-depth and expansive breadth around green roofs and walls as a sustainable building solution. I attended this conference to gain a crash course in green roofs while focusing on current policies guiding the implementation of green infrastructure.


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