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Raoul Berman | Data Wrangler | Not Head of Anything

Lib 1344
(360) 867-6418
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Raoul was a media student here from 1984-1988. Media was a little different back then with hardly a computer in sight anywhere except the computer center. He focused on both audio engineering and video production, becoming proficient in many of the systems and labs at Evergreen. But they're all different now.

Raoul's official job is to cover the technical operations of the TV Studio, Master Control and its associated edit suites plus help Media Services with numerous computer-related functions like shared calendaring, Filemaker Pro databases, internal backups, computer updates, listservs, distribution lists, web site maintenance, etc.

Because Raoul also has a heavy background in audio, he is a good resource for questions about portable P.A. systems and many of the house P.A. systems on campus. He's also familiar with most of the projection systems here and can assist with tieline connections between buildings (and loves that part).

Raoul is not an administrator or instructor so he's best at helping with technical issues as opposed to policy or administrative issues. Raoul is happy to help you with your signal flow diagrams (be they electronic or on paper).

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