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Diana Schlesselman

Diana Schlesselman | Media Producer

Lib 1503
(360) 867-6268
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Greetings and welcome to info about me. What can I say? I enjoy working with images...perhaps photographic most of all. I like digital photography but miss the tell-tale click of my manual SLR when running around with the digital Nikon. I enjoy video production--live studio events especially.

I'm currently working as the audio/media producer here in the group. I have a background in instructional media, video production, photography, and most recently, several years in web development as a producer, consultant, and occasional designer. I have a graduate degree in instructional technology. I did the dot com thing...a bit over-rated but fun. I'm a backer, big time, for education. I'm good at seeing the big picture and figuring out the details that need to fall in place for a project (at least I hope so). See me if you would like to talk project management, educational outreach, travel, or bowling scores. I'm a generalist at heart and proud of it! Cheers!

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