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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I appeal a late fine?

Media Loan policy requires we assess charges for overdue equipment as well as lost, damaged and non-returned equipment and accessories. If you feel you have been charged incorrectly or unfairly, please use this form to explain your particular circumstances and what you feel would be fair and equitable.  Please refer to Media Loan's Policies for more information about Late Fines and charges for damaged or lost equipment.
However, late fines can be appealed by filling out this form.

What is the cost of a late fine and how do I pay?

Late Fines assessed daily, per item:

  • Equipment valued over $250 — $20.00 per day
  • Equipment valued under $250 — $10.00 per day
  • Keys and accessories valued over $50 — $10.00 per day
  • Accessories valued under $50 — $5.00 per day

Billing is done by Student Accounts. Questions about charges are handled by Media Loan staff. Users who want to appeal the decision of Media Loan staff may appeal the decision to the Media Services Manager within 14 calendar days of email notification of decision from Media Loan. Appeals of decisions by the Media Services Manager must be made in writing within 20 calendar days to the Dean of Library and Media Services.

What equipment is available for check out through Media Loan?

Access catalog here.

APS equipment here.

Are long term loans available through Media Loan?

Long term loans are available through Media Loan. Are request form must be filled out in advance.

What opportunities for student employment or internships are available through Media Services?

Many positions are available for both work-study and institutional hourly students. Some positions are considered entry level (no experience required) while others require some specific experience and/or training.

Most positions are hired at the beginning of Fall quarter each year. We try to interview, hire, and train as many students as possible before the school year actually starts, so the sooner you apply, the better!

Visiting the area that interests you and speaking with the staff in that area is highly recommended.

Download job applications from the following list:

Do I have to be enrolled in a media/photo class to use the facilities in Media Services?

Access to Electronic Media facilities such as the CCAM, Multimedia Lab, animation or audio students is limited to students currently enrolled in a media related program or contract. The facilities in Photoland is open to all Evergreen students, staff and faculty at no charge. Community members are invited to use the facilities for a fee of $25/day or $125/quarter. Quarters are not prorated. More information at or at 867-6274.