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Arrilite 1000 Three Light KitArrilite 1000 Three Light Kit

The Arri 1000 Watt Focusing Flood Light is designed for a wide range of film and photographic lighting applications. The 1000 provides beam angles of 65° in the flood position and 24° in the spot position.

Each fixture will throw a beam of 695 footcandles 4.3 ft (1.4 m) in diameter, @ full spot, from a distance of 10 ft (3 m). It will provide a beam of 145 footcandles 13 ft (4m) in diameter @ full flood, from the same distance.

This is a three light, 3000 watt, 120 volt kit, including barndoor sets, bulbs, scrims, light stands and a wheeled case. Thermoplastic housing keeps relatively cool.

Arrilite 650 Three Light KitArrilite 650 Three Light Kit

The Arrilite 650 is an open face, focusing tungsten floodlight ideal for field production and fast turnaround location use. The reflector gives a balance between controllability, efficiency and provides an exceptionally even field of illumination.It includes barndoor sets, bulbs, light stands, scrims and a case.

The Arrlite 650 will throw a beam of 450 footcandles 4.3 ft in diameter @ full spot, from a distance of 10 ft. It will provide a beam of 100 footcandles, 14 ft diameter @ full flood, from the same distance. A 7.25" open face provides beam angles of 70° in the flood position, and 26° in the spot position.

Arri Soft Key Tungsten 3 Light KitArri Soft Key Tungsten 3 Light Kit

The small size and light weight of the Arrisoft 1000 make it an excellent solution for that soft-fill or a main light, especially in situations where bulky soft boxes would not be the fixture of choice. The Arrisoft has a narrow profile of only 5.5" deep, and interchangeable reflectors that allow the user to change the "mood" of the light.

This kit includes two 650W Fresnel lights, a focusable spotlight used in film and television which can be adjusted via a knob on the back of the light from "spot" for a narrowly focused beam, to "flood" for a wider beam. The beam angle in the flood position is 52 degrees, and a narrow 14.5 degrees in the spot position. The Arri 650 has a 4.3" low expansion, borosillicate fresnel lens which casts a soft, even illumination across the beam.

Lowel CaselitesLowel Caselites

Lowel Caselites are designed to offer beautiful, soft, easy to use fluorescents in a compact, location friendly system. The current popularity of fluorescent lights in film & video production is well deserved. They offer cool, soft and efficient light at several times the output of incandescent halogen sources.

Caselites are compact, lightweight, rugged and completely self-contained without sacrificing output or light quality. The all-in-one Caselite is both light and case combined. APS carries both 5300K (daylight) and 3000K (tungsten) compact flourescent lamps.

Junior Combo SolarspotJunior Combo Solarspot

This large unit features a 1,500 quartz lamp for basic set lighting. The Junior Combo has an added feature of attached barn doors that rotate three hundred and sixty degrees. It can be used as a key-light, backlight or kicker where light control with a smooth even field from spot-to-flood is essential. The Solarspot comes with a heavy duty dollystand. Both the head and stand weighs roughly fifty pounds.

Mickey Moles

Mickey MolesEach kit contains four 1,000 watt tungsten balanced quartz instruments. The instruments allow for spot to flood adjustments. Also available with the Mickey Moles are stands and accessory kits which include barn doors, scrims, dichroic conversion filters (which will balance tungsten light color to approximate daylight), and filter holders. This kit should meet most of your heavy duty lighting needs.

Teenie Moles

This is the next step down from the Mickey Moles. A kit contains four 650 watt tungsten balanced instruments. An accessory kit is available with scrims, gel holders and bar doors. A separate stand kit is also needed to fully utilize these lights.

Teenie-Weenie Moles This is half a step down from the Teenie Moles. Designed especially for the traveling camera person. A kit contains three 600 watt tungsten balanced lights along with three lightweight stands.

Mini Moles

Mini MolesKit contains four 200 watt tungsten balance instruments. The lights are small, have a fresnel lens, and come with snoots and aperture plates for better control of light. The inclusion of small desk stands make this kit perfect for 3D animation projects. The instruments can also be mounted on C-Stands for use in animation or as a small kick light hidden in a set.


This is a good lighting instrument for outdoor use as a fill light when using the sun as a key light source. Each kit is slightly different, one has 2-2 light Molefays, another has 1-2 light Molefays and accessories, and the third has 2-1 light Molefays and accessories. Each dichroic filtered lamp is rated at 605 watts and approximates 5,600 K daylight. Each kit requires separate light stands.

Molequartz Double Broad

Molequartz Double BroadThis instrument comes with two switchable 1,000 watt lamps. It provides soft, even fill-light in a rectangular field with edge-to-edge and top-to-bottom uniformity. The Double Broad can be used as a key or fill light source. Separate stand is required.

Baby Softlite

This light is an excellent indirect soft lighting instrument that contains two 1,000 watt lamps rated at 3,200 K. Each light comes with barn doors, but a separate sturdy stand is needed for operation.

Eight Tube MolescentEight Tube Molescent

This lighting instrument contains eight, two foot fluorescent tubes rated a 15 watt each. This light can be used as a fill light to match overhead fluorescent key sources such as in a classroom, office or factory.

Lowell Kits, Small and Large

Available in General Access, these kits are light(er) weight and containe 3 open faced lights. Each kit contains gel frames, scrims, stands and barn doors