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APS Grip

GripC-stands hold lighting accessories like bounce cards, scrims, or flags. C-stands are incredibly useful to have around to act as an extra set of hands.

Gobo-arms do the holding for the C- stands.

Sandbags are handy for keeping tripods, c-stands and light stands steady.

Apple boxes come in many sizes. They are useful for boosting the height of many objects on set.

Umbrella kit is another tool for bouncing light. This is actually a general access item, but can be requested on the work order.

Flags can make or break a lighting scheme. Ask for the flags that you want from our kit. It includes: a “cookie”, diffusion, black, etc.

Gels for color correction and theatrical lighting effects (many colors available).

Camera Support

Tripods are selected for you by APS workers depending on which camera you requested.

High-hat for table top or floor support. Best for animation and other static-shots.

Skateboard dolly for smooth tracking shots. The tracks to the dolly are available from the TV studio, and must be requested through Electronic Media.

Tripod Spreader is a set of wheels for the tripod.

Wheelchair available for simpler or handheld tracking shots.

Jib arm and monitor for "crane shots". Available for use with the DVX and only to students who have proven to be reliable patrons of APS and are prepared to buy us a new camera if things go ... wrong.