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APS 16mm Film Production

BOLEXAll film production equipment (except lights and microphones) requires demonstration of proficiency for check-out and use. Proficiency tests for 16mm cameras must be taken beginning with the sturdier, easier to use Bolex cameras and must be mastered before proficiencies are given on the CP-16. Mastery is defined as one quarter of successful use of Bolex cameras.

Bolex 16mm Cameras

The Bolex is the 16mm film camera of choice for the film student and avant-garde filmmaker alike. In addition to its relatively small size, the Bolex is powered by a spring-wound motor, which makes it highly portable. We have a wide range of prime lenses available, as well as three Angenieux zoom lenses. We also have a large selection of filters and accessories that take advantage of the Bolex’s potential for creativity.

Bolex H-16 Reflex (Rex, RX1, RX2, RX3, RX4, RX5)

The Bolex H-16 features a prism reflex viewfinder, footage counter, frame counter, single frame capacity, and variable shutter (except for Rex). A full spring-wound run is 28 seconds at 24 fps. The H-16 takes 100 foot daylight spools and the RX5 can accept a magazine for up to 400 ft. core loads. It accepts single and double perforated film. The camera has seven filming speeds from 12 to 64 fps. It has a turret mount which will take the complete assortment of C-mount lenses and allows for quick changing of lenses. The effective shutter speed of the Bolex at 24 fps is 1/80 of a second or 1/50 with special Rx lenses. The H-16 provides the capability for back-winding film, allowing for various in-camera effects such as dissolves and multiple exposures. The effective shutter speed for single frame shots is 1/30 of a second.

Bolex Reflex SBM

The SBM (Spring/Bayonet/Magazine) Bolex is similar to the RX5 with several exceptions. Instead of a turret for mounting 3 lenses the SBM has a single bayonet mount. A "C" mount to Bayonet mount adapter is included with the camera for attaching "C" mount lenses. Also different are the filter holders which are meant for use with the SBM only. It is recommended that you use the SBM if you want to shoot with the 12 - 120 Angenieux zoom lens.

Bolex Parallax

The Bolex parallax uses a 3 lens turret like the H-16, but with a parallax view finder. It features a footage counter, frame counter, and spring-wound motor. It films at 8, 16, 24, 32 and 64 fps. Like the H-16, the Bolex parallax takes 100' daylight spools of single or double perf film. There are a variety of c-mount lenses available. The spring wind is the same as the H-16: approximately 28 seconds at 24 fps.

NOTE: There is no variable shutter and no capabilities for the Intervalometer on the Bolex parallax.

Accessories for the Bolex...

  • Cable release and adaptor for steady shooting and animation.
  • Rex-O-Fader connects to the variable shutter to automatically and smoothly open and close it.
  • Director’s contrast viewer for judging variations from highlight to shadow (this does not necesarrily reflect the exposure on your film).
  • Backwind for in-camera effects, like cross fades.
  • Intervalometer allows for time-lapse filming.
  • Filter kit for correcting and neutralizing harsh lighting conditions.
  • Remote trigger handle is a pistol grip that attatches to the bottom of the Bolex and makes it hand-held.

Lenses for Bolex cameras

  • 5X 10mm Kern switar f/1.6 RX
  • 3X 10mm kern Switar f/1.6 non RX
  • 12mm Elgeet Navitar wide angle
  • 12mm Elgeet Navitar
  • 15mm Angenieux f/1.3
  • 2X16mm kern Switar f/1.8 RX
  • 16mm Kern Switar RX
  • 16mm Switar AR
  • 5X 25mm switar f1.4 RX
  • 26mm Kern-Switar MACRO
  • 25mm Switar AR f/1.4 non RX
  • 25mm kern Switar f/1.8 nonRX
  • 25mm Switar f/1.4 parallax nonRX
  • 3X Angenieux 12-120mm RX
  • 50mm Canon f/1.8 non Rx
  • 50mm Soligar f/1.4 non RX
  • 50mm Cosmicar f/1.4 non RX
  • 50mm switar MACRO f/1.4 RX
  • 75mm Soligor f/1.9 non RX
  • 75mm Elgeet f/1.9 non RX
  • 4X 75mm Yvar f/2.8 non RX
  • 75mm Switar MACRO f/1.9 non RX
  • 75mm Switar f/1.9 AR non RX
  • 100mm Yvar AR f/3.3 non RX
  • 150mm Century 150mm f/2.8 non RX
  • 230mm Century f/3.8 non RX
  • 1X Kern 17-85mm bayonet mount RX
  • Arri mount Zoomar1;3 f/2.8
  • 500mm Centuary Tele-Athenar f/5.6 non RX ZOOM LENS

3 Cinema Products CP16 Crystal Sync Sound cameras

The CP-16 is a rugged, motor driven film camera from the early days of news gathering (as seen in The China Syndrome). The CP-16 is a battery-driven 24fps crystal sync camera, for sync sound productions. They are capable of taking 400 foot film cores, the largest available at APS.

The CP-16 comes with a Angenieux 12- 120mm zoom lens and must be used with our largest heavy-duty tripods only.

It is possible to request more than one magazine for the CP-16 for easier loading on the shoot. Remember to request a changing bag with the CP-16 camera, as the film needs to be loaded in total darkness.

CP-16 accessories

Director’s viewer, filter kit, magazine, changing bag, heavy-duty tripod, body pod (for hand- held shooting, not a steady cam)

Film Editing Equipment

In addition to on-campus editing facilities, APS has equipment for home or on-campus 16mm film editing: rewinds, viewers, splicers, split reels.