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Evergreen Logo and Graphic Identity

Use of the Evergreen logo in any media must follow these basic guidelines. The guidelines help Evergreen deliver a consistent message in all of our communications.

Official Evergreen Logo

Guidelines for Use of the Evergreen Logo

The logo is a crucial element of the college’s graphic identity. It is used for consistency and identification of online and printed publications that represent the college. The Evergreen State College logo is a drawing depicting a tree against a background of sun, sky and mountain next to stacked type of The Evergreen State College in lower case.

Official Logo

This is the official college logo and should be used in full whenever possible.

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Long Logo

Official Evergreen Logo—LongThis is the web logo for the college, but can be used when space or format is limited.

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To preserve the integrity and effectiveness of the logo:

  • Use only approved versions of the logo
  • Maintain its proportions—do not resize (stretch) it in one direction (horizontally or vertically) without also resizing it in the other direction by the exact same percentage
  • Do not bend, curve or otherwise distort it
  • The logo may be used in Evergreen’s official green (hex code #64933a), black or white only
  • Do not assign it a color other than green (#64933a)
  • Do not redraw, recreate or re-typeset it
  • Do not combine it with any other graphic that intrudes upon the space of the college logo, competes with it or compromises its appearance as a visual unit. Allow clear space around the entire logo in all directions, equal to the width of the letter e.

Guidelines for Naming and Writing

The full name should be typed as "The Evergreen State College" not TESC, Evergreen State College or Evergreen State. The use of “Evergreen” may be used after “The Evergreen State College” has been established on the same design, document or page. TESC is only used in legalese or internal communications (although discouraged) as it is the official acronym for another college and does not promote name or geographic recognition of Evergreen as well as other options.

The Evergreen State College—Tacoma

Our program in Tacoma, Washington is referred to as “The Evergreen State College—Tacoma” or “Evergreen Tacoma”

Other Official Graphic Elements

Evergreen’s Official Seal

The seal of The Evergreen State College is intended for use in official documents or applications and by permission only. Contact us for more information.

official seal with watermark 

Campus Silhouette

The graphic silhouette of the clocktower, library building and treeline was developed for use by the staff in the office of Marketing, Communications and College Relations. It is to be used only in projects that represent The Evergreen State College in its entirety. Consult a member of the creative staff for more information.

library clocktower silhouette graphic

The silhouette may not be used to represent college departments, divisions, events, etc.

Evergreen’s Online Look and Feel

To learn more about Evergreen's identity on the web, check out the webresources pages.