New Grads Already Making Their Marks

Many of the alumni you read about in this magazine graduated years or even decades ago. This fall, we asked faculty and staff to tell us about recent alumni who have landed or advanced on career paths, or in graduate programs.

Here is a sample of those success stories.

On the Job

  • Claire Beaumont ’13 is an artist assistant to J. Morgan Puett, an innovative artist and fashion designer in New York.

  • Jamie Blake ’13 and Willy Walker ’13 leveraged their experience as Electronic Media interns at Evergreen to land jobs with CreativeLive in Seattle, “…an online space (that connects) the world’s top creatives LIVE with a global audience of aspiring creative professionals.”

    Jamie Blake ’13 and Willy Walker ’13

    Jamie Blake ’13 and Willy Walker ’13

  • Sarah Bowles ’13 is the Energy Programs Manager for the Lewis County Economic Development Council.

  • Nick Culores ’13 is a research technician for Marie Bleakley, MD, PhD, an immunologist, pediatric oncologist and researcher at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

  • Nate Gilman MES ’13 was one of 12 individuals accepted into the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Commissioned Officer Corps training program. Corps officers command NOAA ships and aircraft involved in atmospheric and oceanographic research.

  • Olga Inglebritson ’08 (Tacoma), MPA ’13 was recently promoted to the role of Managing Director at Evergreen Tacoma.

  • Susan Lucas MPA ’13 was promoted to CFO and Assistant Commissioner of the Budget, Performance & Research Division, Washington State Employment Security Department.

  • Bonnie McLeod ’13 is an engineering technician for the City of Tacoma, Environmental Services Department.

  • Philip Ramsey ’12 is data analyst at Renesys in Jacksonville, Florida. Renesys specializes in internet intelligence, awareness and cyber security.

  • Katie Wolt MES ’13 is a Health Services Consultant for the Washington State Department of Health, Office of Healthy Communities.

  • Master in Teaching Class of 2013. By September of this year, 27 of 30 MiT graduates had landed teaching positions. (See sidebar.)

Graduate School

  • Jordan Stewart-Rozema ’12, Emory University’s doctoral program in philosophy.

  • Ryan Fernandez ’13, master’s program at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China (part of “China’s Ivy League”). He received a full ride scholarship.

  • Maggie Harbaugh ’13, University of Southern California (USC), MFA, animation.

  • Sarah Morris ’09, MPA ’13, Loyola University New Orleans, College of Law.

  • Aaron Nichols ’12, University of Texas at Austin, masters in community and regional planning.

  • Eric Severn ’09, University of Idaho, MFA in fiction, Hemingway Fellowship.

  • Chloe Stamper ’13, Mills College, MFA in electronic music and recording media.

  • Jennifer Titus ’13, USC, masters in geographic information systems and technology.