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Citizens United

Greeners Creating Solutions That Work

Democracy relies upon the participation of an active, engaged and knowledgeable citizenry. Evergreen students, faculty and alumni continually demonstrate extraordinary public engagement, driven by a sense of responsibility rooted in social justice. Many of them, just like the Greeners in this issue of the magazine, make it possible for elected officials to fulfill their responsibilities to the constituents they serve.

On November 6, Americans head to the polls to elect a president and representatives; change or affirm laws; and in Washington state, to choose a new governor. The new and returning officials face complex problems and a hostile political environment. Now, more than ever, collaborative problem solving is needed to create solutions that work. At Evergreen, this approach is at the heart of what we teach.

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On the Cover: Animator and illustrator Drew Christie ’07 created this cross-section of the Washington State Legislative Building, as well as the illustrations featured throughout this issue. Christie’s work has been featured in The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, The Daily Beast, Drawn, Cartoon Brew, and Seattle Magazine among others, and his films have played in festivals all over the world, including the Sundance Film Festival. He lives and works in Seattle, Wash.

Feature Articles

Electoral College

Electoral College

The 2012 election is a real-time text for three Evergreen programs.


On The Road Again

On the Road Again

For Bob Funk ’09, behind the campaign scenes is where he makes a difference.


Meet the Press

Meet the Press

Tony Sermonti ’04 on the road with the White House


Happy 40th, Evergreen

Happy 40th, Evergreen!

From seminars and discussions to the party on Red Square, Greeners Returned to Evergreen to celebrate a milestone anniversary.
Reforming the Political Landscape

Reforming the Political Landscape

Two Greeners are at the frontline of people’s movements to clean up elections and environmental policies.


Under the Dome

Under the Dome

Greeners make sure Washington State legislators have what they need to do their work.


Weaving Together the Threads of My Education

Weaving Together the Threads of My Education

Evergreen students write a plan for their future.

News & Notes

Vision to Lift Sails

Army veteran and Evergreen student Hoyle Hodges launches a sustainable shipping solution.

Hello, Climate Change

TEDxThe Evergreen State College

Confronting Addiction with Soccer and Art

Corey Johnson ’12

Flying High

Halle Hutchison ’88 leads branding for Alaska Airlines

The Savoy King

Jeff Kaufman brings swing band pioneer Chick Webb to the big screen

Living History

New Greeners meet civil rights icon Carlotta Walls LaNier of the “Little Rock Nine”