Setting a Greener Table

From baking pies to organizing food carts, and even running a cooking school in sunny southern Italy, these Greeners have made their life’s work helping people enjoy amazing food.

To read the news, mealtimes have become a chore. We don’t have time to cook, we are overwhelmed by choices, we work so hard to balance what we think is healthy with what tastes good, that people throw up their hands and order in.

vegetable artwork

But for a number of Evergreen alumni, helping people enjoy good, healthy, sustainable and delicious food is their calling and life’s work. They turn baking organic sourdough bread into a thriving organic bakery and café—in Alaska. They create a community gathering place around food carts in Portland, and help train homeless and unemployed people in the culinary arts in Seattle. They make spicy sweet confections in Brooklyn and organic honey in Olympia. One even runs a locally sourced cooking school in “the most beautiful town in the entire sunny south of Italy.”

These seven alumni all know one thing: as chef Dione Lucas, the first female graduate of the famed Le Cordon Bleu, says,“The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art.” And they all have unique ways of sharing that art with the world.

The Patron of Curbside Cuisine

Roger Goldingay ’73

Whimsy & Spice

Mark Sopchak ’94 and Jenna Park ’94

Catching the Buzz

Benjamin and Emily (Plott) Pixie ’05

Living the Pie Life

Beth Howard '83

Serving Up Dreams

Cheryl Sesnon ’88

Stirring Up a Food Revolution

Donna (Goodman) Maltz ’81

Cooking with Silvestro

Silvestro Silvestori ’99

How Sweet It Is!

Ann Magyar '98 and Ben Scholtz '92