Longhouse Protocol


The Longhouse is unlike any other building on campus. It embodies the partnership between The Evergreen State College and the surrounding Indian tribes. It was built on a foundation of respect and acknowledgement for the original Indigenous Coast Salish peoples of the land in this region. Out of respect for the Indigenous peoples of this land, we ask that you refrain from the use of drugs or alcohol in and around the Longhouse. Groups who reserve space in and around the Longhouse are responsible for the scheduled activities and will be held accountable for infractions of the permanent ban on the use of drugs or alcohol in or around the building.

You are invited to learn more about Longhouse culture and protocol by participating in annual events, such as: the fall Community Dinner, the Holiday Native Arts Fair, the spring Cleansing Ceremony, and other featured events throughout the year. Upcoming events can be view here, or on our Facebook page.


(Image: A complilation of historic images: the Longhouse Ground Breaking Ceremony in 1994, along with a sketch of the Longhouse envisioned by John Collier, and the Longhouse post-construction)