Guidelines for Longhouse Wood-burning Fire Pits

Cedar Room and Outdoor Fire Pits

  1. Indoor fires in the wood-burning pit in the Cedar Room are reserved for ceremonial purposes only. Casual or daily use is not intended for the fire pit, and neither indoor nor outdoor fire place may be used for cooking. For access to the Cedar Room fire pit, please contact Longhouse staff: (360) 867-6413.
  2. The outdoor fire pit can be reserved and used by staff, faculty, student groups and classes. Please complete the Longhouse firepit reservation form (Word) to reserve the outdoor fire pit. 
  3. All Longhouse fires, both indoor and outdoor, are subject to the bans and restrictions imposed by the Thurston County Olympic Region Clean Air Agency (ORCAA), and no fire can be permitted if a burn ban is in place at the time the fire place is to be used. You can view information on current burn bans in Thurston County, here.
  4. The vent must be turned on when the fire pit is in use. The draft inducer control switch for the Cedar Room is located on the wall near the kitchen door.
  5. Seasoned wood that burns hot and produces very little smoke/sparks must be used. Alder and maple are recommended. Wood that cannot be used includes: wood that is green, wet, processed or chemically treated. Do not use fir, pine or cedar.
  6. No lighter fluid or chemicals may be used to start the fire.
  7. The fire pits must be maintained and cleaned after each use by the user. Ashes must be disposed of in a safe manner, taking care not to put hot ash or coals near flammable materials. In the event that the scheduled user fails to clean the fire pit, cleaning will be done by Facilities Services and charged back to the appropriate budget.
*Please contact Longhouse staff at (360) 867-6413 if you have any further questions regarding fire pit use.