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The Longhouse is called sgʷigʷialʔtxʷ—The House of Welcome—in South Puget Sound Salish.

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We promote indigenous arts and cultures through education, cultural preservation, creative expression and economic development. Learn more about what we do.

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Sharing the Good News: Longhouse Update

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The Longhouse has been very busy over the past year with multiple projects, workshops and events. We want to share some of our most exciting accomplishments with you!

You can download the good news document here.

Two-Color Linoleum Relief Printmaking Workshop

Two weekends: August 29th - 30th and September 12th -13th in the new Evergreen Printmaking Studio Lab II 2225

2 color linoleum relief printmaking workshop

Artist Linley Logan will lead a two-weekend, two-color linoleum relief printmaking workshop in Evergreen's new printmaking studio! Artist will make a 40 print series: 20 for the Longhouse 20th Anniversary giveaway and 20 to take home! The Longhouse will provide paper, linoleum, access to tools and lunch. Artists are asked to bring image sketch ideas and an apron or old shirt.

Here are some technical details from workshop leader Linley Logan, "I will recommend participants considering a 6" x 9" plate in order to manage 40 prints in the workshop time frame. Ideally we can anticipate participants pulling one 6" x 9" plate color print in about eight to ten minutes, the first 40 print color edition pull in about five to six hours plus drying time with the second color taking a total of at least five to six more hours. Throw in lunch and clean up and signing of the prints and we have a tightly timed two weekend eight hour a day workshop. Ideally folks need to be printing on Sunday of the first weekend."

Space is limited, so please register early! Contact Laura Grabhorn at (360)867-6413 or grabhorL@evergreen.edu to register and for questions.

Download a workshop flyer here.

Happy 20th

What is your Favorite Memory of the Longhouse?

What is your favorite Longhouse memory? Over the next year, the Longhouse will be celebrating our 20th anniversary with a series of events and programs, and as a member of the Longhouse community, we'd love to hear from you! Have you attended a Longhouse event or workshop? Have you been the recipient of a Longhouse grant or residency? Your stories and memories are a part of the Longhouse legacy, and we'd love to hear about them and what you are up to now. Please follow the link below to share with us:


Save the Date!

September 21, 2015 - Art Dedication for Fiber Arts Studio

October 16, 2015 - Native Student Alumni Reunion

October 17, 2015 - Longhouse 20th Anniversary Celebration

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I have served as a visiting artist in many places such as France, New Zealand, Mexico, Siberia, Japan, Germany and in many Native Nations across the United States. I would like to say that my time spent at the Longhouse - House of Welcome at The Evergreen State College has been vital to my experience as a Native educator. The staff, programs and the community at the Longhouse are unlike any I have witnessed in many places of higher education.

The unity and strength present in the Longhouse has been proven time and time again. I myself will continue to donate what I can to the mission of the Longhouse and I encourage others to do the same. Giving to this place of welcome will in turn give back as it always has to the larger Native community. You will see in time how you to can be a part of the Longhouse history. It has been a great honor for me to witness and be a small part of so much good.

-Melanie Yazzie (Diné)

Former Advisory Board Member
Associate Professor of Art
University of Colorado-Boulder