College Activities Building (CAB)

The CAB houses the main food service facility for both campus residents and commuter students; included are the Flaming Eggplant Cafe, Marketplace, and a full-service dining hall. Besides the dining hall, there is additional seating in the student lounges on the second floor by the deli. Also on the second floor is Conference Services and the Greenery bookstore that sells instructional materials and supplies. First floor facilities are the dining hall, cash machine, vending area, college FM radio station, bike repair shop and the staff/faculty lounge. The third floor houses the Flaming Eggplant, Student Activities office areas, including the student newpaper, and student art gallery. There is a large receiving-storage area connected to an underground entrance. The building has its own loading dock.


Official Name: College Activities Building

112,239 square feet

Building History

Date of Construction: 1972

Renovation Date: 2010


  • Phase I 1972 - Kirk Wallace - McKinley AIA & Associates
  • Phase II 1990 - Olson - Sundberg architects
  • Renovation 2010 - DLR Group

2741 McCann Plaza NW

Food services, bookstore, college FM radio station, student lounges, staff and faculty lounges, student activity coordinating offices, bike repair, conference services.