K12 Professional Development and Outreach

Cultural Competence Workshops

Gilda L. Sheppard, Ph. D.

Dr. Sheppard has been an educator for 20 years.  For the past ten years she has taught curriculum development and pedagogy for social studies courses in the Bachelor of Arts and Teacher Certification program at Antioch University.  Her emphasis has always been the integration of issues of diversity whether it is race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, immigration, and diversity of ideas in all grade levels and teacher education.  She has given particular attention to disenfranchised youth and their families.  She places issues of social justice as an integral part of diversity. As a sociologist, filmmaker and media literacy educator she also successfully uses new media and media literacy in her classroom instruction.  She was a former member of the Board of the National Media Literacy Education Association where media literacy and the arts across curricula is practiced.