Institutional Research and Assessment

Washington State Accountability

Statewide Public 4-Year Higher Education Dashboard is provided by the State of Washington Office of Financial Management's Education Research and Data Center, as mandated by new legislation (E2SHB 1795) passed by the legislature in spring 2011.

The Evergreen State College continues its commitment to improving the quality and efficiency of higher education. Evergreen supports the statewide emphasis on accountability as one means of demonstrating that commitment. In 2011, the legislature passed a new requirement for Evergreen to negotiate a performance plan with the Office of Financial Management.  Evergreen’s Performance Plan was negotiated and accepted by the Office of Financial Management in March 2012.

In some years, the Washington legislature has mandated that each public four-year baccalaureate college submit a biennial accountability plan to the Higher Education Coordinating Board (HECB). Accountability Plans describe Evergreen's efforts to make improvements on the state accountability measures during the past biennium, historical trends for these measures, and plans for the current biennium. The HECB then approves the measures and targets set forth in the plan.

The following Accountability Plans are available:

2003-2005 Accountability Plan (PDF)
2001-2003 Accountability Plan (PDF)
1999-2001 Accountability Plan (PDF)

Annual Accountability Reports describe Evergreen's performance on the accountability measures that were proposed in the biennial Accountability Plans.

The following are available reports that have been submitted to the Higher Education Coordinating Board:

2010 Accountability Report (PDF)
2009 Accountability Report (PDF)
2008 Accountability Report (PDF)
2007 Accountability Report (PDF)
2006 Accountability Report (PDF)
2005 Accountability Report (PDF)
2004 Accountability Report (PDF)
2003 Accountability Report (PDF)
2002 Accountability Report (PDF)
2001 Accountability Report (PDF)