Individual Study

Online Contract Process Overview

The online contract process walks you step-by-step through creating a contract. Before doing this, you must first find a faculty sponsor. Status for your contract's development and approval and notices go to your email account when your contract is approved online by your sponsor and an academic dean.

No matter where you are in the online contract process, you will be informed of the next steps to take by reviewing both the status of your contract and the red icons listed under Steps to Complete Contract, which is located on the right side of your screen when you are in working on your contract.

Create A Contract
Share Your Draft Contract
Submit For Final Approvals
Obtaining Approvals
Register Your Contract

Need help?
For technical or academic assistance, you can go to Online Contract Process Help for trouble-shooting and contact information.

Create A Contract

Develop your contract by going to and choose Individual Study Contracts.
Using this online contract process, you can create and save a draft - even if the required fields are not completed. Be sure to review the instructions and examples to help you complete your contract. Just remember to save often and be sure to log out for security. You can return to edit your contract at any point of the process, by logging back into Individual Study Contracts.

You also have the option to delete a contract if you decide not to do one. The delete button is located within the top menu when you are in your contract.

Share Your Draft Contract

You can share your contract to be viewed online by your sponsor and/or advisor, by going to Release Draft in the Steps to Complete Your Contract, at any stage of your contract development. Check with your sponsor early to see if s/he will be reviewing and approving your contract online or in person. Your sponsor has the option of providing you with direct feedback on your contract when reviewing it online - online feedback from your sponsor will go to your email account.

To share your contract someone other than your sponsor or advisor, such as your Field Supervisor for internship students, you can save a PDF of your draft at anytime and email it to them.

Submit For Final Approvals (locks your contract)

After receiving feedback from your sponsor (and for internships- a field supervisor and advisor), Edit and Save your contract before submitting it for final approval. Once submitted, your contract will be locked and you will not be able to edit it without unlocking it. If your sponsor provides you with more feedback - after you have submitted your contract - you can unlock your contract using the "unlock for editing" button in the top menu. You will be warned that by unlocking the contract, you will be removing any approvals that have been made to the contract; however, you can edit your contract and re-submit it to your sponsor.

Obtaining Approvals

Follow the steps for obtaining approvals illustrated with a red icon in the Steps to Complete Your Contract list, which is located in your online contract. Reminder: You will need to know from your sponsor if they will be approving your contract online or in person. The approvals below are listed in the order by which you should get the approval.

  • Field Supervisor Approval
    Print your finalized internship contract, sign it and take it to your field supervisor for his/her signature. For undergraduate students, then take the signed internship contract to an Academic Advisor for approval. For graduate students continue to your Sponsor for signature.
  • Academic Advisor Approval (Undergraduate Internships Only)
    An Academic Advisor will review your internship contract, and either approve or not approve it depending on its completeness and accuracy. The Academic Advisor's approval will make the internship contract ready for sponsor approval, either online or in person.
  • Sponsor Approval
    Your sponsor has the option of approving your contract online or in person. Follow the steps provided in your contract online depending on what your sponsor communicates to you.
  • Other Approvals
    You may have other approvals for your contract regarding working with a subcontractor, using special campus facilities/resources, studying abroad and/or interviewing human subjects and/or employment related internship as a part of your contract. Allow yourself more time to meet the registration deadline if you have these approvals because you may need to get approval signatures on your final contract or attach your contract to a waiver or application and then deliver it to the Academic Deans Office.
  • Academic Deans - Undergraduate Students Only (UG)
    The Academic Deans review contracts based upon the Academic Deans Review Criteria . Be sure to review this checklist up front so it does not hold up your registration. If a Dean does not approve your contract, you will be notified of the reasons immediately and will have to update your contract and resubmit for all approvals.
  • Graduate Program Approval - Graduate Students Only (GR)
    The Director (MPA) and Assistant Director (MES) review contracts. If the Director or Assistant Director does not approve your contract, you will be notified of the reasons immediately and will have to update your contract and resubmit for all approvals.

Registration (In-Program Internships - students are already registered in an academic program)