Individual Study

Find A Sponsor

Who can sponsor a contract?

Any full-time member of the faculty who has been teaching at Evergreen for at least one year. Additionally, there are some members of the college staff and some part-time faculty who are authorized to sponsor a limited number of contracts. It is important to realize that there is no guarantee that you will be able to find a sponsor. Approved faculty and staff sponsors are not obligated to sponsor your contract.

For Tacoma Program Students: Proposals for Individual or Internship Learning Contracts will be pre-approved by the Tacoma Program Individual Study Review Committee prior to being approved. If approved, students may proceed with developing the actual learning contract. 

For Graduate Students: Sponsors for graduate learning contracts must be pre-approved by the Directors of each program. Refer to your Graduate Program Office to find out which faculty are approved to sponsor.

How can I determine who might be an appropriate sponsor for my contract?

Your sponsor must be someone who has sufficient expertise in the area in which you are working to support and evaluate your work and your learning, and to award appropriate academic credit. You will want to make sure that there is no conflict of interest between you and your potential sponsor. For more information go to: Deans Criteria: Appears to be conflict of interest.

Steps to find a sponsor

  1. Contact current or past faculty with whom you have worked. Someone who knows your work, academic background and abilities and who has helped you develop your academic direction.
  2. Get a recommendation from current or past faculty with whom you have worked. Program faculty may also be able to recommend whom among their colleagues you might want to consider working with.
  3. SUMMER CONTRACTS: Make sure to check the summer sponsor list of those faculty willing to take contracts over the summer.

If the above steps do not help with finding a sponsor, follow these additional steps:

  1. Create a draft contract to share with a potential sponsor (go to and choose Individual Study Contracts). Do not complete the sponsor section until you have a verbal/written commitment from a sponsor.
  2. Look at the list of faculty taking Individual Learning and Internship Learning Contracts as their main teaching load for the quarter. This information is assembled under Individual Study in the Academic Catalog.
  3. Use the faculty subjects index to identify faculty who have appropriate expertise, or check out the faculty directory.
  4. Talk to an academic advisor during drop-in advising times to discuss your proposal and get suggestions for sponsorship. Note: Most sponsors will prefer to speak with you in person about your contract so try not to rely only on email.
  5. Go to an Academic Fair with a few copies of your draft contract and share it with potential sponsors.