Individual Study

Employment Related Internship Process

Steps To Complete for Employment Related Internship:

  1. Complete ERI Information Sheet.
  2. Provide current job description signed and dated by immediate supervisor.
  3. Provide a statement explaining how the proposed internship activities differ from the usual ordinary responsibilities of your current position and describing the types of new learning expected to result from those activities. The statement should also include how the ERI will relate to the your academic learning objectives.
  4. Once you've completed steps 1-3, you must bring the completed documents to the Academic Advising Office prior to your internship being approved by an Academic Advisor.

ERI's are approved only one quarter at a time. If an ERI is done with the same Supervisor/Employer it need not be done again if the internship continues to another quarter. These documents must be update each quarter you plan to conduct an internship where you work.