Individual Study

Individual Study

Individual Study at Evergreen is designed for students who are prepared to study at an advanced level, have already completed basic work in the classroom, have the ability to work independently, and are prepared to develop their own syllabus for the quarter.

Requirements (Please note that these requirements become effective Fall 2015.)

All undergraduate students:

  • must take at least one quarter of an 8 to 16 credit Evergreen program offered by the Olympia, Grays Harbor or Tribal Programs or at least two quarters of courses and Lyceum at the Tacoma Program prior to embarking on individual learning through either an individual or internship learning contract.
  • may earn up to 48 credits of individual learning contract credits toward a baccalaureate degree.
  • may earn up to 48 credits of internship learning contract credits toward a baccalaureate degree.
  • must have their individual and internship learning contracts submitted and approved by the sponsor (i.e. submitted online to the Academic Deans Office) by Week 10 of the prior quarter.

Note: A petition to waive these requirements may be granted for students with exceptional circumstances.

Types of Individual Study

Related Areas of Study

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