Health Center Staff


Beth Hesketh

Beth is the Medical Fiscal Specialist and a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. She received her B.A. from Evergreen in 1993. Beth is responsible for the business operations in the clinic such as maintaining and ordering supplies, contracting with service vendors and answering any billing questions that students may have.


Maureen Considine

Maureen is a women'’s health care nurse practitioner. She completed her nursing program at Spokane Community College. She went on to attend the Women'’s Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program at Harbor Hospital/UCLA in 1985. She worked as a nurse practitioner and health educator for the Northeast Tri-County Health District in Colville, Washington, prior to moving to Olympia to work for the Department of Health in the family planning and HIV/AIDS programs. She has a special interest in health education and teaches this topic for the MPH program at the University of Washington. She volunteers at the Student Health Center about 4 hours a week, providing women's health care.

Ann Eure

Ann is a Certified Physician Assistant.  She obtained a BA in Spanish at Creighton University and after working and volunteering in international settings, she completed her PA degree at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 1990.  She has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including rural and urban family practice in Iowa, and community and migrant health in Colorado and Washington.  In her work at Community Health Care in Tacoma, she especially enjoyed working with adolescents, young adults and in women's health.  Ann enjoys learning about and incorporating herbs and complementary medicine into her clinical practice. She joined the health center at The Evergreen State College in 2009.

Barbara Krulich

Barbara is a Certified Physician Assistant and is the Director of the Medical Assistant Training Program. She graduated from the MEDEX Physician Assistant Program at the University of Washington in 1998, following a successful career as a nurse and medical office manager. She joined the Health Center staff in 2001 after working at Group Health Cooperative as a nurse and then as a Physician Assistant. She has a strong interest in preventative health and complimentary/herbal medicine and is a graduate of both "Spirit of Plant/5-Element Medicine" and the Wiracocha Institute.

Elizabeth McHugh

Elizabeth is a Certified Physician Assistant and is the Director of Health and Counseling Services. She graduated from Evergreen in 1991 and went on to the Physician Assistant Program at the University of Kentucky. After she finished her medical training in Kentucky, she returned to the Pacific Northwest and worked for Group Health Cooperative in the Puget Sound area. She came back to Evergreen in 1998. Elizabeth earned her Masters in Phyisician Assistant Studies (M.P.A.S.) in 2005, with a sub-specialty in Psychiatry.

Kathleen O'Connor

Kathleen O'Connor, MD, MPH, MAed has a background in health and education.  She completed her doctor of medicine degree at Tufts University School of Medicine and completed a Preventive Medicine Residency and Master's in Public Health at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Hygiene.  Her Master's in Education is from Stanford University.  She is interested in the spectrum of medicine that includes complementary, herbal, and traditional practices, including Western medicine.  She is bilingual in Spanish/English; has worked in international settings; and has additional interests in gardening, hiking, environmental issues, watching comedies, reading Maru's blog, and county planning. 

Polly Taylor

Polly is a nurse-midwife, graduating with a nursing degree from Syracuse University in New York. She completed a Master in Public Health degree and nurse-midwifery program at John Hopkins University in 1981. She was a nurse-midwife in rural West Virginia and Pennsylvania before moving to Washington state. In her primary work, she is a public health nurse consultant for the state Department of Health, providing technical assistance. She has worked for Navajo Reservation, the Nisqually tribal clinic and St. Peter's Perinatal Clinic prior to volunteering at the Student Health Center. She works in the Student Health Center about 4 hours a week, providing women'’s health care including yearly exams.