Health & Counseling Services

Confidentiality Policy

We observe confidentiality within the Evergreen Health & Counseling Centers, as required by RCW 18.19.180. To provide effective service, your therapist may discuss your case with others working for the Counseling Center (i.e., the consultant psychologist, other counselors and/or the receptionist. Also within the Health and Counseling Centers, Counseling Center staff may consult with Health Center staff on an as needed basis (please see RCW Chapter 70.02 for rules about this consultation). However, no information about you is given to anyone outside of the Evergreen Health & Counseling Centers, including parents, partners, roommates, employers, faculty, or other Evergreen staff, unless:

  1. We have your written permission.
  2. We believe it is necessary to prevent clear and imminent danger to you or others.
  3. You indicate that there is reasonable cause to believe that a child or a dependent adult has been abused.
  4. A court orders us to disclose confidential information about you. If this happens, we will first ask that the court drop their order. If they refuse to drop their order, we will disclose only the minimum amount of information we deem necessary to satisfy the court's order.
  5. You waive the privilege by bringing charges against us.