Alcohol and Other Drug Information

Evergreen is committed to maintaining a work and educational environment that is free of the illegal use of drugs and alcohol. We actively support the overwhelming majority seeking a healthy and thriving community.


As a condition of employment or enrollment, employees and students are required to abide by the following policies:


The following programs, services, and activities are available to address underage drinking and other substance abuse problems.

Students are encouraged to use eCheckup to go for Alcohol (eChug), and/or eCheckup to go for Marijuana (eToke), to get personalized information about to inform choices about use, and how to help someone you care about.​

Student Wellness Services provides individual counseling support to students are interested in getting more information about  the impact of alcohol and other drug use, and considering making personal changes.  

Seven Challenges provides a framework to help you think through decisions about life and use of alcohol and other drugs.


Students found to be in violation of the Student Conduct Code will have a conversation with one of the Conduct Administrators.  In most cases, on a first offense, the student is referred to the Student Wellness Services for eCheckup to go for Alcohol  or eCheckup to go for Marijuana  online self-assessment and/or a Seven Challenges group.

Subsequent violations will result in additional sanctions, including community service, restrictions on campus access, drug and alcohol evaluationseviction from campus housing, parental notification, and suspension.