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Investing in the Future of Media

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About the CCAM

In 2010, we opened the new Center for Creative & Applied Media (CCAM), which is the centerpiece of the Evergreen’s effort to enhance teaching and learning through the use of new media.

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Students in CCAM

The 10,000-square-foot facility provides up-to-the-minute digital media access to students, faculty and staff. The CCAM includes space for production, teleconferencing, broadcasting, and preservation of archival media material. The center is fully equipped with a sound stage, multi-camera high-definition video studio, cable and Internet broadcasting facility, workshop space, surround-audio recording and mixing suite, and experimental-effects lab.

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Media Literacy

In a world shaped by bits and bytes, basic literacy means the ability to read, write and understand how digital media works. Command of the critical and technical skills needed to navigate in our media-driven culture, thrive in the workplace, and become engaged citizens and astute consumers is more important than ever.

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Support the CCAM

Your gift helps us invest in the future – today.

We are building an endowment to support future equipment purchases for the CCAM. This endowment will ensure the Center remains at the cutting edge of digital media over the next 20 years. We have secured many pledges to this endowment; we are still seeking additional funds to ensure that the needs of our students, faculty and staff are met in the 21st century.

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  • Improved opportunities for students to gain the knowledge and skills now considered indispensable for graduate studies or employment
  • Increased media access for students and faculty, promoting and facilitating media and technological literacy across the curriculum
  • New teleconferencing opportunities for global exchanges and a more closely-knit Evergreen community across multiple instruction sites
  • Extension of production capabilities for interactive and streaming media
  • Digital conversion and archiving of the college’s media-works collection from legacy formats

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