GEAR UP Students at Evergreen


Two junior students from Oakville High School are signing college information cards so they can have the colleges they are interested in send them admission and financial aid materials.

College is Not a Dream, but a Plan

GEAR UP junior students are signing college information cards during the National College Fair held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle WA in the fall. Each year this program attracts more than 20,000 students and parents from Seattle and parts of Western Washington. The Seattle National College Fair, features representatives from more than 200 universities, colleges, community colleges, and technical institutes from Washington state, throughout the United States as well as Internationally. Obtaining college information early brings students one step closer to making plans to attend a college of their choice.

The earlier you start to make plans for college, the more likely it is that you will go.

All Students can be Ready is an excellent guide for you to get started.

The first and most critical thing you can accomplish right away is to do well in high school, know what type of courses you need to take to get into college, and more importantly, believe in yourself. "If you believe it, You can achieve it," so think college!

One of the biggest road blocks to going to college is deciding how to pay for it. What is tuition anyway? What is a grant? What is a tuition waiver? Take a look at Getting Money for College. It is an excellent resource to learning about all the ways you can pay for college. The earlier you start learning about how to pay for college the less stressful it will be and the fewer road blocks you will encounter.

As you go through high school you will be taking various tests to see if you understand not only what you have learned but also to see if you can apply what you have learned. Getting ready for college also means preparing for exams to see if you are ready to go to college. There are many different types of college testing you will be taking, such as the PSAT. Check out What is PSAT, Know which Test to Take and Prepare for Placement Tests. These guides with help you to increase your college knowledge and better prepare you for college.

Getting prepared for college also means knowing how to apply for college. Take a look at the Admission Requirement guide for your answers. It can help you navigate throughout the admissions process with ease.