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During summer, Evergreen Gallery isn’t open, but there is a display set up in the windows that is visible from the hallway. This summer’s display is inspired by the craft theme of the spring student exhibition, Object / Lessons. It features two student group projects, a bench and a table, as well as clay, wood and mixed media artworks from The Evergreen State College Art Collection, dating from the mid-1970s by Frank Samuelson, Frank Boyden, and Ed Blackburn.

Bench, designed and built by Bob Leverich and Students

Bench, 2009. Designed and built by Bob Leverich and Students in the Spring 2009 program, Green Studio: Nicole Davenport, Emily Newman, Brian Nguy, Darby Prendergast. The wood for the benches came from two large Douglas Fir trees harvested from Evergreen’s Seminar II building site. Statement of intent: As students of ecological design and vested members of this learning community, we commit to using only sustainable materials and methods of construction.

Table, designed and built by Evergreen staff and students

Table, 2014. Designed and built by Evergreen staff and students Designed by Don Jensen, Wood and Metal Shops Manager
Students– Forrest Taylor, Lead craftsperson, with contributions from John Snodgrass, Milandra Pfister and Jill Mauerman. The wood was provided by Cedar Creek Corrections Center, and was milled and delivered by inmates under the direction of Robin Kirk at their carpentry shop in Little Rock, WA. The program, recently discontinued, was funded by a grant through the U.S. Forest Service, through the efforts of Linden Lampman at the Urban Community Forestry program at the Department of Natural Resources. Some of the oak in this table was taken from trees planted along Legion Way in downtown Olympia. *The oaks, originally planted on November 11, 1928, Veteran’s Day, were planted to honor Olympia’s fallen soldiers from the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War I.
*from Olympia History, Legion Way Trees