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Sensations That Announce the Future

Opening Reception: Saturday October 10, 4-6pm
Exhibition continues through December 2, 2015
Artist lectures on Wednesday, 11:30-1:00, in COM building Recital Hall:
October 7 - Cassie Thornton
November 18 - C. Davida Ingram
The exhibition Sensations that Announce the Future is inspired by Elaine Scarry’s book, Thinking in an Emergency, The Evergreen State College’s common reading for the entering class of 2015. The exhibition asks: What does art do in a time of emergencies when urgency and indifference coexist?  How does art announce new, unexpected futures? The works in the exhibition were selected for their attempt to transcend, transform or re-imagine inherited histories. They sample, re-mix, and re-purpose to disrupt, re-write or map alternative trajectories for those histories, art forms, and social relationships. And as much as we might want to find answers in the exhibited works, they insist instead on abiding in the questions, holding open space and time for us to imagine possible futures ourselves.

Artists: Damali Abrams, Lisa Blas, Christopher Buening, Amjad Faur, Dakota Gearhart, Liselot van der Heijden, C. Davida Ingram, Steffani Jemison, Joan Livingstone, Naima Lowe, Matthew Offenbacher, Shaw Osha, Cassie Thornton and Evergreen students (Aaron Ershler, Ben Haddix, Liam Halvorsen, Aaron Harris, and Vanessa Hoy), and William R. Wilson.

Organized by Evergreen faculty Shaw Osha with students Aaron Ershler, Ben Haddix, Liam Halvorsen, Aaron Harris, and Vanessa Hoy.

Infinity study, after Anna Atkins
Lisa Blas, Infinity study, after Anna Atkins, 2014, acrylic on card stock on Opalux vellum, 22 x 28 x 2"
It Was a Man's World
Christopher Buening, It was a Man’s World, 2015, found wood art with White-Out lettering, 10 x 17 x 1.5"
Liselot van der Heijden, Imagine, still from 2 minute video
Joan Livingstone, Integuments, 2015, Abaca and Flax pulp, artificial plastic greens, base dimensions 30 x 47”
Amjad Faur, Souvenir, 2008, carbon pigment print, 44" x 32"