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Building for the Future: Collections at Evergreen

January 22 - March 4, 2015

Gallery Colletions

Left: Polaroids by Andy Warhol, Gift of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Arts
Right: Ralph Gibson, Man in Pool, 1972, gelatin silver print

Since its beginnings, The Evergreen State College has valued the arts, culture, and historical heritage as essential parts of education. It has displayed and collected art, artifacts, and historical documents that tell the story of Evergreen itself, of our cultural context, and of our connections to all cultures. Certain groups within Evergreen are entrusted with the display and preservation of specific collections; they are fervently committed to caring for these irreplaceable resources, believing in the communicative powers of these collections in the present time and for future generations. Six of these groups are featured in this exhibition: the Malcolm Stilson Archives and Special Collections; the Chicano/Latino Archive; the James F. Holly Rare Books Collection; the Evergreen Gallery and Art Collection; the Longhouse Education and Cultural Center; Evergreen Pictures.

Artists include: Diane Arbus, Rick Bartow, Jo Ann Callis, Paul Caponigro, Judy Dater, John Divola, Erin Genia, Ralph Gibson, Laura Grabhorn, Lyonel Grant, Shannon Hawea, Ester Hernandez, Craig Hickman, Samuel Hill, Allan Houser, Helmi Juvonen, Tina Kuckkahn-Miller, Jacob Lawrence, Linley Logan, Larry McNeil, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Richard Misrach, Ramon Murillo, Susan Pavel, Lillian Pitt, Liz Whitney Quisgard, Mary Randlett, Charles Stokes, Jerry Uelsmann, Andy Warhol, Wesley Wehr, Edward Weston, Geoff Winningham, Don Worth, and more…