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Susan Aurand and Lucia Harrison artwork

Nature: Observation, Metaphor, Transformation - Four Decades of Art

Susan Aurand and Lucia Harrison

Opening reception: April 2, 2015, 5-7 pm
Exhibition continues through May 6, 2015

This two-person survey exhibition honors Susan Aurand and Lucia Harrison, artists and teachers who recently retired after decades of teaching at The Evergreen State College. Their influence on students has been profound, and their own art-making practice has flourished.

The art of both artists parallels the changing environments in their personal and professional lives. Susan and Lucia have highly developed observational skills that they began developing at an early age, in very different environments. At Evergreen, when they taught interdisciplinary programs with scientists, they helped others hone these skills, while continuing to build their own.

Susan grew up in the Midwest where her relationship with nature was confined to mostly housing developments. Wild nature roamed in her imagination. Initially Susan concentrated on ceramics, and sculptural elements continue to be important in her artworks.  When she came to teach at Evergreen, she gravitated toward two-dimensional art. Her work in drawing, painting and assemblages reflects her interests in mythology and metaphor and her passion for the ever-changing quality of light and color in nature.

Lucia grew up on Cooper Point in Olympia roaming the forests and shores of Puget Sound. Trained as an artist and social scientist, Lucia developed an interest in qualitative research methods, ethnography, and environmental education. While teaching with scientists, she developed a practice of field journaling as inspiration for her paintings, drawings, and artist books. These works reflect her observations of nature and the inspiration she finds there. As nature inspires her, so too her artworks inspire viewers to deepen their own interest in the natural and cultural history of South Puget Sound.