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Inspiring and thought-provoking art experiences for the Evergreen community and the Puget Sound region.

Statements & Questions: Select Works of Faculty and Staff Of The Evergreen State College

January 26th – March 8th 2017

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 26th, 4:30 – 7:00

Lisa Sweet, Listening, 2016, black and white etching.

The Evergreen Gallery presents a rare opportunity to see the creative output of those who serve as educators, mentors, and role models in the Evergreen community – and beyond. Statements & Questions partners the work of those who teach in programs and courses, and the support staff who often work one-on-one with students in the areas of visual and media arts.

Bob Haft, Meeting of the Twain, 2004, Archival Inkjet Print

The exhibition includes works by highly experienced artists who have been part of the college and art world for decades, as well as the fresher eyes of those who started teaching here more recently. Thought-provoking, beautiful, and diverse, the exhibited artworks explore ideas using many mediums, including painting, ceramics, printmaking, sculpture, photography, multimedia and video.

Statements & Questions asks us to consider the artists’ works individually, highlighting a range of creative voices, ideas, aesthetics, and of practical and theoretical expertise.  Some works provide the razor sharp clarity and articulation ascribed to an effective statement.  Others seek to raise questions, and function as vectors of reflection and deliberation.

Artists included in the exhibition are Emily Adams, Evan Blackwell, Caryn Cline, Pamela Davis, Steve Davis, Anne de Marcken, Hirsh Diamant, Bob Haft, Aisha Harrison, Lucia Harrison, Ruth Hayes, Julia Heineccius, Bob Leverich, Naima Lowe, Alexander Swiftwater McCarty, Shaw Osha, Michelle Pope, Ryan Richardson, Julie Levin Russo, Lisa Sweet, Bruce Thompson, Stokley Towles, Alair Wells, Julia Zay