Dear Donors, Friends and Colleagues

For The Evergreen State College Foundation, 2011-12 was an extraordinary year punctuated by major events celebrating 40 years of teaching and learning at Evergreen. The Foundation plays an increasingly important role in supporting the college and doing all it can to sustain and enhance our reputation as a model of innovative higher education in the state and across the nation

Both the college and the foundation are fortunate to have donors and friends like you who provide critical support through your time, talents and resources. Your generosity provides students with the opportunity to pursue their dreams for a better future, critical resources for faculty that improves and enhances the educational experience that they provide for our students, and inspiration for the staff who work so tirelessly to connect the passions of thousands of donors with the ambitions of our faculty, staff and students.

You have given generously of your time and your resources. For “Return to Evergreen” alone more than 1500 alumni and friends took time from their busy lives to present, participate, perform and celebrate four decades of Evergreen. Financial support was up nearly 70% from the previous year and has doubled in just the past two years. Your gifts this year helped support activities across campus from athletic programs to scholarships, from faculty development to equipment and across the curriculum from science to the arts. An important new element of ensuring Evergreens future is the rapid expansion of planned giving that will leave a legacy for Evergreen long into the future.

Within the pages of our Annual Report you will find examples of this generosity. Read about Marcia Mueller MES ’94; who knows what it’s like to worry about not having the money to finish your college degree. Dan Black ’91 is featured for his gifts to the Center for Creative and Applied Media along with new graduate Cait Richards who used the resources Dan helped fund to create his own story. And finally, don’t miss Karen Dhaliwal’s story, an Evergreen Tacoma student, about how your generosity is transforming not only her own life but that of her family and her community.

An extraordinary matching gift from the Gates Foundation for scholarships is the current leading effort for our foundation and staff. We have the opportunity to more than double the foundation’s scholarship endowments in just three. We are well underway in that effort and hope you will join us!

Thank you again for all of your continued support and we look forward to all we can accomplish together as we march forward to 50 years of teaching and learning at Evergreen.

Lee Hoemann