Board of Governors

Paul Goldberg Image

Paul Goldberg, ’91

Jul 01–Jun 18

Monica Alexander Photo

Monica Alexander, ’13

Oct 16–Jun 19

Keri Carkeek Image

Keri Carkeek, ’92

Past Chair
Jul 10–Jun 18

Rebecca Chamberlain Image

Rebecca Chamberlain

Faculty Representative

Sam Goldsmith

Sam Goldsmith '05

July 17 – Jun 20

John Hennessey

John Hennessey '77

July 17 – Jun 20

Joyce Irvine Image

Joyce Irvine, ’79

Chair, Audit Committee
May 09–Jun 18

Dean Katz

Dean Katz, ’75

Vice Chair and Chair, Committee on Alumni and
Jul 15–Jun 18

Scott Kauffman

Scott Kauffman, ’80

Chair, Finance and Investment Committee
Jul 15–Jun 18

Pam MacEwan, ’76

Chair, Committee on Governors
October 15–June 18

Chris Meserve

Chris Meserve, ’75

Chair, Development Committee
Jul 15–Jun 18

Oscar Soule, Emeritus Faculty

Jul 16–Jun 18

Ex Officio

Amanda Walker Image

Amanda Walker

Executive Director
The Evergreen State College Foundation
Vice President for Advancement
The Evergreen State College

George Bridges Image

George Bridges

The Evergreen State College

John A. Hurley Image

John A. Hurley

Vice President for Finance and Administration
The Evergreen State College

David Nicandri

Board of Trustees Representative