Multicultural Experience | The Evergreen State College

Multicultural Experience

Please submit a 1-2 page statement describing your experiences working or living in different cultural settings, and/or working with people of different cultures, and specifically how your experience relates to your teaching. The search committee will be particularly interested in how your experience affects both your commitment to and practice of teaching, rather than a scholarly essay on the importance of multiculturalism.

The concept of diversity, at Evergreen, encompasses differences in race, gender, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, physical ability/disability, religion, as well as ideological, political, and intellectual diversity. We believe we are enriched by our differences and seek to foster a learning environment where all are welcome, and where all may learn from each other.

Of particular concern to the college is developing a faculty with significant multicultural experience and expertise. In addition to strong subject matter background and a high potential for excellence in teaching, we regard experience in working across cultural and other significant differences as highly desirable. This may be demonstrated in a wide variety of ways, including the following:

  • Significant course work and/or and earned degree in ethnic, minority, or women's studies.
  • Work experience in culturally diverse communities.
  • Leadership and/or participation in governance, social, artistic, or cultural life of minority communities.
  • Work experience in institutions serving underserved populations.
  • Peace Corps, VISTA, or similar volunteer experience working with culturally diverse populations.