Faculty Hiring Process

Expected Timeline for Faculty Hiring

SeptemberNew positions posted
September, October, NovemberApplications received, search committees begin meeting
November, December, JanuarySearch committees read applications, select finalists
January, February, MarchInterviewing: "shortlist" first, by phone; then on-campus for 2-3 finalists per position. Positions offered/accepted
June, July, or AugustNew faculty attend New Faculty Academy
SeptemberNew faculty arrive on campus. Fall quarter teaching begins in late September

Faculty Hiring Process

The main work of hiring faculty at Evergreen is done by the search committees, which are made up of approximately 6-8 current faculty, staff, and students for each position. The search committees are linked to the broader Campus Faculty Hiring committee, which reviews their work, and also participates in the interview process. Applications are kept in the Faculty Hiring Office, where they are read and rated by the search committee members. The Faculty Hiring Office staff members coordinate the hiring process, assist candidates in the application process, and serve as the liaison between the candidates and the search committee.

After the search committees review the applicant files, top candidates are typically first interviewed by phone. The 2-3 finalists are then invited to on-campus interviews at the college's expense. The interviews consist of two days of formal and informal meetings with students, hiring committee members, deans, the Provost, and other interested parties. Candidates are asked to give a public presentation and/or teach a class session in their area, and are given a tour of the campus, and of the Olympia area, if desired. Meals on and off campus with students, search committee members and others provide an enjoyable way for everyone to get to know each other in less formal settings.

After interviewing finalists, the search committee meets to make their decision, and then meets again to discuss it with the Campus Faculty Hiring committee. The Campus Faculty Hiring committee then forwards the recommendation to the Deans and the Provost. If approved, the Provost then makes an offer to the candidate.

Newly hired faculty are invited to the New Faculty Academy, usually held in June. They may also receive help with finding housing, as well as financial assistance for relocation, if needed. The Faculty Hiring Office continues to serve as a resource center for new faculty, providing information and coordinating welcoming and orientation activities.

Commitment to equity: Recognizing cultural diversity as a defining characteristic of the 21st century, the college has intensified its efforts to become a multicultural institution.  Substantive experience in working across cultural differences is therefore highly desirable for all positions.  Committed to equal opportunity and affirmative action, Evergreen is working to build a diverse, broadly trained faculty.  We particularly encourage applications from candidates whose race, national origin, sex, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status or disability will contribute to our diversity.

Commitment to accessibility: Persons with disabilities can receive accommodations in the hiring process by contacting Ruth Hansen, Faculty Hiring Coordinator, at hansenr@evergreen.edu

Visit Evergreen's Office for Equal Opportunity web page.