Summer Institute and PoS 2018: Registration

Welcome to our Registration for Summer Institutes 2018! 

We hope you are looking forward to it!  We have some interesting and informative options for you.  Our main list includes a number of institutes focused on Equity Pedagogy, Interdisciplinary Curricular Planning, and Evergreen's 50th Celebration, all within the framework of Community Building.  The Summer Institutes hosted by the Washington Center/Learning and Teaching Commons are listed with the Institutes open to the community, while the Paths of Study Summer Institutes are included in a separate list.  For curriculum planning, we encourage collaborations across Oly Day and EWS, as well as with staff.

Immediately below you will find links to the institute descriptions.  Following that is the full list of Summer Institutes and Paths of Study Institutes, with registration links for each.  Faculty and staff are welcome, depending on space availability. Summer Institutes are primarily offered for faculty as faculty development opportunities. Faculty attendees will be paid $125/day and staff are not compensated for participating.  If you register, but find that you need to cancel, or if you have any other questions, please call the Faculty Hiring office at 360-867-6861 or email at


Summer Institutes 2018

Paths of Study 2018


Summer Institutes 2018

Washington Center/Learning & Teaching Commons Institutes

1. New Faculty Teams & First Year/Lower Division Programs, June 18-21, SEM2 D1107

2. Team Planning For Student Success, July 24-26, SEM2 E1107

3. Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL),  August 6-10

4. Inclusive Excellence Institute,  August 15-17, SEM2 E1107

Other Summer Institutes For Faculty Development

1. Greener Stories: Evergreen's Oral History Project, June 22, SEM2 E2107

2. Designing A Student-Centered Interdisciplinary Curriculum, June 25-26, SEM2 E2105

3. Study Abroad,  June 27, SEM2  A2109

4. Institutional Racism's Legacy, July 9, 11 & 12, SEM2 C2107

5. Social Climate In Learning Spaces, July 17, SEM2 A2109

6. Disseminating Decolonizing Pedagogies, July 18, SEM2 D1107

7. The Next 50 Years At Evergreen: Fundraising For The College's Future, July 19, SEM2 A2105

8. Integrating Community Based Learning: Curricular Strategies & Social Justice Walking Tour, July 30, SEM2 A3109 & Downtown location

9. Popular Education Laboratory (At Our Tacoma Site), August 1 & 3, Rm 105

10. Infusing & Supporting Entrepreneurship Throughout The Curriculum, August 2, SEM2 A3107

11. Crafting Privilege, Power & Difference Workshops, August 13, 14 & 23, SEM2 E3107

12. Veterans' Experiences: From JBLM To The Classroom, August 22-23, SEM2 D2107

13. Cross-Path Arts & Humanities: Developing Common Visions For Student Learning, September 4-5, SEM2 A3107

14. Unifying Statistics At Evergreen With R & Excel, September 4-5, SEM2 A3109

15. Native American Integration Into Curriculum Planning & Implementation, September 6, Longhouse 1007A

Paths of Study Summer Institutes 2018

1. Performing Arts, June 18-19, SEM2 E2109

2. Visual Arts, June 26-27, SEM2 A2107

3. Literary Arts, July 6-7, SEM2 A3109

4. Business, July 9-10, AEM2 A3109

5. Food & Agriculture, July 13 & 20, Organic Farm

6. Evening & Weekend Studies, July 2 & 23, SEM2 A2107

7. Moving Image Group, August 7 & 8, SEM2 A2105

8. MES Core, August 7 & 8, SEM2 C3109

9. Environmental Studies (ES) Paths: Past, Present & Future, August 20-21,

10. Political Economy, August 27 & 31, SEM2 A2109

11. Social Inquiry & The Humanities, August 30, SEM2 A2109

12. Native Programs, September 4-5, Longhouse 1007A

13. Latinx/Latin American Studies & ELL Education, September 4-5, SEM2 A2107

14. Evergreen Tacoma, September 5-6, Rm 105

15. Integrated Computational, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences (ICMaPS) TBD