Summer Institute and FoSSI 2017: Registration

Welcome to our Registration Form for Summer Institutes 2017! 

We hope you are looking forward to it!  We have some interesting and informative options for you.  Our main list includes a number of institutes focused on Equity Pedagogy, Cross-Curricular Planning, and addressing our current political context, all within the framework of Community Building.  The Fields of Study Summer Institutes (FoSSIs) are included in a separate list.  For curriculum planning, we encourage collaborations across Oly Day and EWS; we will offer an additional Tacoma FoSSI, and possibly others.  We will be contacting interested parties with more details.

Below you will find links to descriptions of the institutes.  Following that is the full list of Summer institutes and FoSSIs, with registration links for each.  Faculty and staff are welcome, depending on space availability. Summer Institutes are primarily offered for faculty as faculty development opportunities. Faculty attendees will be paid $125/day and staff are not compensated for participating.  If you register, but find that you need to cancel, or if you have any other questions, please call the Faculty Hiring office at 360-867-6861. 


ACADEMx Summer Institutes

Fields of Study Summer Institutes (FoSSIs)

ACADEMx 2017

Summer Institutes for Faculty Development

1. Whiteness (June 22, SEM2 A2107)

2. Social Justice Pedagogy and Small Group Work (June 23, SEM2 A2107)

3. Creating Motivating Environments for First-Year & Lower Division Programs (June 26-28, SEM2 C2107)

4. Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies (June 26-27, Dean Saliba's home)

5. From Surviving to Thriving: Women of Color Building Community at Evergreen (June 29-30, Dean Saliba's home)

6. Evergreen Oral History Project (June 30, SEM2 A3107)

7. Practical and Tangible Options for Equity and Access (July 10-12, SEM2 A3107)

8. Supporting Undocumented Students—Equity and Action (July 19-20, SEM2 B2109)

9. Examining Curricular Pathways for Teacher Education (Aug 9 & 10, SEM2 C2107; Aug 11, A3107)

10. Entrepreneurship at Evergreen (Aug 14-16, SEM2 B3107)

11. Food and Agriculture: Curricular and Community Collaborations (Aug 25, SEM2 E2107)

12. Strengthening Community (S&J, CCBLA) (Aug 28, Organic Farm; Aug 29,  SEM2 B2107)

13. Planning for Successful Seminars (Aug 31-Sept 1, SEM2 A3107)

14. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Just Mercy (Aug 30 & September 7, SEM2 B2107)

15. Helping Students Navigate a Post-Truth World (Sept 5, SEM2 E3107)

16. Unifying Statistics and Data Science at Evergreen (Sept 5-6, LIB 2617)

17. Let’s Acknowledge Where We Are, But Don’t Stay There (Sept 5-6, SEM2 C2109)

18. Restorative Justice as a Teaching Tool (Sept 6-7, SEM2 C3107)

19. Teaching Academic Reading and Effective Seminars: Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (Sept 6-8, SEM2 E2107)

20. Creating Inclusive Excellence in Math and Science Classrooms at Evergreen (Sept 7-8, SEM2 A3109)

21. Improving Team Teaching: Interdisciplinarity & Dialogue (Sept 8, SEM2 A2109)

Fields of Study Summer Institutes (FoSSIs)

1. Psychology (July 12, SEM2 E2107)

2. Advanced Physical Science: Equipment, Experiments, and Equity (Aug 31-Sept 1, LAB1 054)

3. Political Economy Institute (Aug 31-Sept 1, SEM2 B2107)