Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning: A Resource for Faculty

Teaching and learning are fundamental to Evergreen’s mission as an experimental liberal arts college. For faculty members, this means that there is no requirement to "publish or perish"; instead, we imagine, design, and teach interdisciplinary programs that respond to major questions and problems we face as humans in an ever changing world. This creative work is central to what we do. Of course, conducting our own research and helping our students do research is important and this page contains information about grants and centers here on campus.

April 3 Lib 3301 (in the library itself upstairs)

Sabbatical Presentations

Ken Tabbutt, Rob Smurr, and Tom Womeldorff

May 1 Lib 1005

Writing Loops and Collaborative Annotations

Miranda Mellis and Eirik Steinhoff

May 15 Lib 3301 (in the library itself upstairs)

Sabbatical Presentations

Pat Krafcik, Sarah Pedersen, Jennifer Gerund, Kristina Ackley, and Lin Nelson

This page has resources and links to the information faculty members need as well as lists of events to help us revitalize our teaching. If you have resources, suggestions, or upcoming events that will help in this effort, please contact the following people.

  • Nancy Murray, Academic Dean for Hiring & Faculty Development, Lib 2002, (360) 867-5497 murrayn@evergreen.edu
  • Greg Mullins, Academic Dean for Instructional Support and Library & Media Services, Lib , (360) 867-6243, mullinsg@evergreen.edu
  • Emily Decker Lardner, Director, Washington Center for the Improvement of Undergraduate Education, (360) 867-6637, lardnere@evergreen.edu