Anthony Zaragoza


B.A., English and Philosophy, Indiana University, 1996; M.A., American Studies, Washington State University, 2000; Ph.D., American Studies, Washington State University, 2007.

Expertise: political economy

Interests: political economy (especially political economy of racism), Chicana/o studies, popular education, social movements, labor history, technology studies (especially labor replacement), history and political economy of the Northwest, radio production, independent media, American studies

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Tacoma 133
(253) 680-3055

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2016-17 Power Play(ers): Actions and Their Consequences
Fall, Winter and Spring
2015-16 Change Agents: Creating Pathways in Uncertain Times
Fall, Winter and Spring
2014-15 Back in the Days: History through Hip Hop and Haiku
2014-15 The Power in Our Hands: Pathways to Social Change
Fall, Winter and Spring
2013-14 Tomorrow Today: Political Economy & Culture of the Future
2013-14 Who's Got What? Political Economy through Food, Culture and Social Movements
Fall, Winter and Spring