Young, Artee


B.A., Speech and Theatre, Southern University, 1967; M.A., Children’s Theatre, Eastern Michigan University, 1970; Ph.D., Speech Communication and Theatre, University of Michigan, 1980; J.D., University of Puget Sound School of Law, 1987.

Expertise: law, literature, theatre

Interests: law, literature, bioethics

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Lab I 1014
(360) 867-6393

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Race to the Top, Race to the Bottom: Interrogating Educational Policy, Law and Media
2014-15 What Does it Mean to be an "American"? Colonial America to Present
2013-14 Government In An Evolving Democracy
2013-14 Law and Outlaw: Personal Identity and Social Control in the United States
2012-13 A History of "Race" in the U.S.: From Colonial Era to 2013
2012-13 African American Literature
2012-13 Government in an Evolving Democracy
2011-12 Removing Barriers, Bridging Gaps