Saliba, Therese


B.A., English, University of California, Berkeley, 1983; M.F.A., Fiction Writing, University of Washington, 1989; Ph.D., English, University of Washington, 1993; Fulbright Scholar, 1995.

Expertise: international feminism, Middle East studies, English

Interests: feminist studies, women's studies, Third World studies, Third World feminist studies, international feminism, cultural studies, Middle East studies, Middle Eastern cultural studies, comparative and multicultural literature, writing, creative writing, English

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Sem II E-3106
(360) 867-6854

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Cultural Landscapes: Introduction to Sustainability and Justice
2013-14 Creating Dangerously: Experiments in Feminist and Diaspora Art
2013-14 Creating Dangerously: Advanced Studies
2012-13 Individual Studies: Feminism, Middle East, Literature
2012-13 Movements and Migrations: Sustainable Communities in a Transnational World
2011-12 Re-Interpreting Liberation: Third World Movements and Migration