Rainey, Thomas


A.B., History, University of Florida, 1962; M.A., History, University of Illinois, 1964; Ph.D., History, University of Illinois, 1966.

Expertise: history

Interests: Russian, European, and American History and Literature; International Studies; Global and North American Environmental History and Policy

Contact Information

Sem II B-2123
(360) 867-6010

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Chekhov and the Birth of Modern Drama
2013-14 Conquest East, Conquest West: Comparative "Manifest Destinies"
2013-14 Moscow & Kazan: A Russian Cultural and Ecological Excursion
2012-13 Civil War and Reconstruction: America's Greatest Crisis
2012-13 The Classical World
2011-12 Second World War: History and Film
2011-12 The Victorian World