Toska Olson


B.A., Anthropology, University of Washington, 1989; M.A., Sociology, University of Washington, 1991; Ph.D., Sociology, University of Washington, 1997.

Expertise: sociology, gender studies

Interests: sociology, anthropology, gender studies, criminology, criminal profiling, social problems, internships in social services, screenwriting

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Sem II E-4108
(360) 867-6545

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2016-17 Deviance, Crime, and Punishment in the Past and Present
Fall, Winter and Spring
2015-16 Selves and Others: Representation and Performance
Fall, Winter and Spring
2014-15 Forensics and Criminal Behavior
Fall, Winter and Spring
2013-14 Power/Play: Balancing Control and Autonomy in the Social World
Fall, Winter and Spring