Kozick, Stephanie


B.S., Education, Northern Illinois University, 1971; M.S., Curriculum & Instruction, University of Oregon, 1980; Ph.D., Human Development & Family Studies, Oregon State University, 1986.

Expertise: human development, family studies, education

Interests: life stage development (and its representation in film and literature), urban studies, domesticity, movement studies, Polish history and culture

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Sem II D-4106
(360) 867-6439

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Musical Cities
2013-14 Student-Originated Studies: CCBLA
2012-13 Picturing Domestic Space: Sociocultural Perspectives
2011-12 An Educated Society
2011-12 The Architecture of Human Movement
2011-12 Student-Originated Studies: Center for Community-Based Learning and Action
2011-12 Summer in the City