Huerta, Grace


B.A., English, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, 1981; M.A., English, California State University, Los Angeles, 1986; Ph.D., Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Arizona State University, 1994.

Expertise: qualitative research methods, policy studies

Interests: English & American literature, ESL/language acquisition theory, educational policy, multicultural & secondary education, Latina/o & Chicana/o studies, critical theory, qualitative research methods & percussion studies.

Contact Information

Sem II A-3104
(360) 867-5209

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Diversity and Dissent in Education and the Media
2013-14 Education and Empowerment-Understanding Critical Race Theory and Qualitative Research
2013-14 Introduction to Teaching ESL
2013-14 Making Meaning--Teaching English Language Learners in K-12 Classroom and International Settings
2012-13 CounterACTION: Exploring Racial and Cultural Inequalities in Education
2012-13 Individual Study: Educational Policy, Multicultural Literature, ESL K-12 Education & Percussion Studies
2012-13 Local Knowledge: Creating Just and Sustainable Communities
2011-12 Action Research 1: Literature Review and Study Design
2011-12 Action Research 2: Data Collection and Analysis of Student Learning - ELL
2011-12 Action Research 3: Research Paper and Presentation - ELL
2011-12 Assessment for ELLs 2
2011-12 Language Acquisition and Identity Formation
2011-12 Resistance and Social Change: Critical Readings in African American and Latina/o Literature