Ruth Hayes


B.A., Animation, Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges, 1978; M.F.A., Experimental Animation, California Institute of the Arts, 1992.

Expertise: animation, media studies

Interests: animation, animation production and theory, experimental media, experimental film and video, art, drawing, film, art and media theory, art history, animation history, cinema history, history of popular culture, media studies

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Sem II D-3110
(360) 867-6890

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2016-17 CultureLab: Advanced Projects in Visual and Media Arts
Fall, Winter and Spring
2016-17 Media Internships
Fall, Winter and Spring
2015-16 Visualizing Microbial Seascapes: An Introduction to Animation and Marine Biology
Fall and Winter
2014-15 Media Internships
Fall, Winter and Spring
2014-15 Mediaworks
Fall, Winter and Spring
2013-14 Media Internships
Fall, Winter and Spring
2013-14 Nonfiction Media: Animation, Documentary and Experimental Approaches to the Moving Image
Fall, Winter and Spring
2012-13 The Fine Art of Handmade Animated Film
2012-13 Picturing Plants
2012-13 Trajectories in Animation, Mathematics, and Physics
Fall and Winter