Foster-Grahler, Vauhn


Expertise: mathematics, education, anthropological mathematics

Interests: social justice, atmospheric science, solid earth geophysics, math education

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Contact Information

Lib 2304J
(360) 867-5630

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Chemistry Counts!
2013-14 Algebraic Thinking
2013-14 Calculus I, II (A), III (A)
2013-14 Precalculus I, II
2013-14 Tutoring Math and Science For Social Justice
2012-13 Algebraic Thinking
2012-13 Calculus I, II, III
2012-13 Discrete Math for Teachers
2012-13 Precalculus I, II
2012-13 Tutoring Math and Science For Social Justice
2011-12 Calculus I, II, III
2011-12 Discrete Math for Teachers
2011-12 Functions: Algebra to Calculus
2011-12 Precalculus I, II
2011-12 Tutoring Math and Science Across Significant Differences