Dorman, Peter


B.A., Economics, University of Wisconsin, 1977; Ph.D., Economics, University of Massachusetts, 1987.

Expertise: economics, political economy, statistics

Interests: economics, environmental policy, labor studies, global development, political economy, political philosophy, statistics

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Lab I 3015
(360) 867-6899

Current, Recent, and Upcoming Offerings

Year Offering
2014-15 Cost-Benefit Analysis and the Environment
2014-15 Ecological and Social Sustainability
2014-15 MES Thesis
2014-15 Research Design and Quantitative Methods
2013-14 Small World: Poverty and Development on a Shrinking Planet
2012-13 Alternatives to Capitalism
2012-13 Global Meltdowns: Finance, Energy and Climate Change
2012-13 Individual Study: Political Economy, Economics and Global Challenges