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Evergreen’s faculty members are distinguished both in scholarship and by their dedication to teaching.

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Lin Crowley

Expertise: media and Chinese studies

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies

Susan Cummings

Expertise: psychology

Related Subjects: Social Sciences

Jon Davies

Expertise: education

Related Subjects: Social Sciences

Stacey Davis

Expertise: European history

Related Subjects: History

Alejandro de Acosta

Expertise: queer studies, philosophy, poetics

Related Subjects: Literature, Language, and Communication, Philosophy

Diego de Acosta

Expertise: linguistics

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Literature, Language, and Communication

Mary Dean


Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Hirsh Diamant

Expertise: visual arts, Chinese studies, human development

Related Subjects: Consciousness Studies, Visual Arts, Cultural Studies

Clarissa Dirks

Expertise: biology, virology, molecular biology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences

Peter Dorman

Expertise: economics, political economy, statistics

Related Subjects: History, Sustainability Studies, Politics and Government

Benjamin Dyer

Expertise: mathematics

Related Subjects: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

Kathleen Eamon

Expertise: aesthetics and philosophy, critical theory, psychoanalysis

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Visual Arts, Social Sciences, Politics and Government, Media and Film, Literature, Language, and Communication

Marla Elliott Headshot

Marla Elliott

Expertise: performance, voice, community studies

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies, Performing Arts

Cali Ellis

Expertise: public administration, public policy

Related Subjects: Politics and Government

Marja Eloheimo

Expertise: ethnobotany, environmental and cultural anthropology, plant studies

Related Subjects: Community Field-Based Studies, Performing Arts

Sarah Eltantawi

Expertise: comparative religion

Related Subjects: Philosophy

Phyllis Esposito

Expertise: education

Related Subjects: Social Sciences

Robert Esposito

Expertise: modern dance, kinesiology

Related Subjects: Performing Arts

Amjad Faur

Expertise: photography

Related Subjects: Visual Arts

Lynarra Featherly

Expertise: creative writing, philosophy, critical theory

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Philosophy, Literature, Language, and Communication

Anne Fischel

Expertise: communication, media and community studies

Related Subjects: Cultural Studies, Media and Film, Literature, Language, and Communication

Dylan Fischer

Expertise: forest and plant ecology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Environmental Studies/Agriculture

Leslie Flemmer

Expertise: teacher education, critical pedagogy

Related Subjects: Social Sciences

Hugo Flores


Related Subjects: Social Sciences

Robin Forbes-Lorman

Expertise: behavioral neuroendocrinology, molecular neuroscience, physiological psychology

Related Subjects: Biological Sciences, Consciousness Studies